First ladies of Cyprus, other countries join forces to help Thalassemia patients

January 28, 2010

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The First Ladies of Cyprus, Lebanon and Albania joined forces in Cyprus on Wednesday to help thalassemia patients worldwide.

They gathered in Nicosia at the invitation of the First Lady of the Republic of Cyprus Elsi Christofia to inaugurate the International Circle of Dignitaries for the benefit of patients with haemoglobin disorders.

The Circle of Dignitaries is a new initiative by the Thalassemia International Federation (TIF), the Cyprus-based global federation of thalassemia associations. The objective of the Circle is to support the efforts of TIF to promote greater awareness of haemoglobin disorders, effective prevention and optimal patient care globally.

The founding members of the Circle are Elsi Christofia, First Lady of Cyprus, Liri Berisha, First Lady of Albania and Mouna Haraoui, representing the First Lady of the Republic of Lebanon.

Cyprus used to have a high percentage of thalassemia patients but managed to markedly reduce the number of patients by preventing the birth of babies having the disease through pre- marital examination.

“Cyprus has a long track-record of effective prevention and treatment of thalassemia and provides a successful model for other countries to follow,” Elsi Christofia said.

She said that both Lebanon and Albania are examples of countries where TIF has for many years been actively involved and where significant progress has been achieved in promoting the quality of life of patients.

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