Ramadan & Eid Drive

August 1, 2016

This post is to share our Ramadan & Eid drive overview and to convey heartiest thanks to our amazing donors, without their support this couldn’t have been done!

We started the drive from Fatimid Foundation Hyderabad, where we distributed 26 rashan packets worth 4000/- each with month’s food supply Alhamdulillah.

Next we went to Fatimid Foundation Khairpur where we celebrated FAiTh’s late founder Salman Mehmood & our member Hammad’s birthday with thalassemia fellows. 75 fellows received Eid dresses, mehndi, bangles & watches. Volunteer applied mehndi to little thalassemia fellows.

Our next stop was Fatimid Foundation Rashidabad, where we distributed 75 Eid dresses, mehndi, bangles & watches.

Our Ramadan & Eid drive came to an end with 2 days of iftar for 140+ fellows at Fatimid Foundation Karachi, 10 rashan packets, 70+ Eid dresses, mehndi, bangles & watches Alhamdulillah.

Words would never be enough for our generous donors, without their continuous support we couldn’t have done it. Thanks to all the donors!

Ramadan & Eid Drive Pictures : https://www.facebook.com/FightAgainstThalassemia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=254197111621260

Ramadan & Eid Drive Videos :


I contribute, do you?

November 1, 2010

Hello everyone,

We are creating a pool of donors who can contribute monthly for needy patients of Thalassemia & for our Fight Against Thalassemia campaigns, If any of you are interested to become a donor, let me know.

Our plan is to gather donors then according to the monthly contribution we will be sponsoring few non affording Thalassemia patients. And rest of the contribution would be used in our campaigns (blood camps, screening camps & awareness seminars).

You can even donate 100RS, interested people please drop in your email id and you will be added to our pool of donors.

To contribute there are three options, (1) PayPal (2) Bank transfer (3) Personally handing over! 🙂

-Ayesha Mehmood
Official Spokesperson

FAiTh’s Message @ FM 107 on World Blood Donor Day!

October 31, 2010

Listen: FAiTh’s Message @ FM 107 on World Blood Donor Day!

Thalassemia Awareness & Its Prevention Seminar

October 25, 2010
Thalassemia Awareness & Its Prevention Seminar

Thalassemia Awareness & Its Prevention Seminar

FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia organized Seminar on “Thalassemia Awareness & Its Prevention” at The Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Karachi University on 21st October 2010.

We are highly thankful to Dr. Iqbal Azhar of University of Karachi for giving us a chance to arrange the seminar. Special thanks to our speakers Dr. Tahir Shamsi (Hematologist – National Institute of Blood Disorders), Dr. Waseem and Mr. Muhammad Iqbal (Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre (KITCC)) for sparing their precious time.

As the seminar hall could cater 150 students at a time we decided to do two sessions, so that more students can get benefited by the teachings and we tried our best to stream the seminar live so that our online visitors can also see and learn..

For first session we had Dr. Waseem with topic “What is Thalassemia” and Mr. Iqbal with topic “Thalassemia Prevention”. For second session we had Dr. Tahir Shamsi with topic “What is Thalassemia” and Mr. Iqbal with topic “Thalassemia Prevention”.

Seminar’s first session started at 11:00AM with a welcome note, Quran recitation and then our first speaker Dr. Waseem spoke to the audience about What is Thalassemia?

After Dr. Waseem our next speaker Mr. Iqbal spoke about Thalassemia Prevention. A clip of 7 minutes was also shown to the audience to make them understand more clearly What is Thalassemia and how it can be prevented.

First session came to the end with question answer session.

Second session started at 12:15PM with a welcome note and then audience was mesmerized by our first speaker of second session Dr. Tahir Shamsi, he engaged the whole department in his presentation and audience could understand each and everything about Thalassemia.

Audience wanted to hear more from Dr. Tahir Shamsi but as everything has to end so we had to move towards that same 7 minutes clip and then dice was taken by Mr. Iqbal. Who explained audience how they can prevent our next generation from Thalassemia!

Second session ended at 01:30PM with tremendous response from the faculty and students. We are again thankful to University of Karachi and our speakers, this couldn’t have been possible without you all! Thank you once again!

I have tried to record the whole seminar but due to some problem some of the parts are missing, I apologize for those missing parts.



Note: If you want us to organize a seminar in your office, college or university let us know, we would feel glad to arrange! 🙂

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