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March 11, 2018

Ramadan & Eid Drive

August 1, 2016

This post is to share our Ramadan & Eid drive overview and to convey heartiest thanks to our amazing donors, without their support this couldn’t have been done!

We started the drive from Fatimid Foundation Hyderabad, where we distributed 26 rashan packets worth 4000/- each with month’s food supply Alhamdulillah.

Next we went to Fatimid Foundation Khairpur where we celebrated FAiTh’s late founder Salman Mehmood & our member Hammad’s birthday with thalassemia fellows. 75 fellows received Eid dresses, mehndi, bangles & watches. Volunteer applied mehndi to little thalassemia fellows.

Our next stop was Fatimid Foundation Rashidabad, where we distributed 75 Eid dresses, mehndi, bangles & watches.

Our Ramadan & Eid drive came to an end with 2 days of iftar for 140+ fellows at Fatimid Foundation Karachi, 10 rashan packets, 70+ Eid dresses, mehndi, bangles & watches Alhamdulillah.

Words would never be enough for our generous donors, without their continuous support we couldn’t have done it. Thanks to all the donors!

Ramadan & Eid Drive Pictures : https://www.facebook.com/FightAgainstThalassemia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=254197111621260

Ramadan & Eid Drive Videos :


Rouse Organises Blood Donation Drive At Twin Towers

September 13, 2010

Courtesy: albawaba.com

Dubai Investment Properties, one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE, today announced that Rouse, a leading intellectual property (IP) consultancy, is holding a blood donation drive on September 14, 2010 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Twin Towers in Deira. The third annual blood donation drive, which is a part of the company’s global CSR programme ‘Rouse Cares’, will be held in association with the Dubai Health Authority to support patients suffering from thalassemia and other life-threatening ailments.

“Patients suffering from thalassaemia, cancer, accidents and other life threatening conditions need blood to save their lives. This ever-increasing demand of blood can only be met through voluntary blood donations,” says Mr. Jon Parker, Partner, Rouse. “Through our Rouse Cares programme, we aim to help improve the lives of others through sustainable initiatives and by growing roots in each country where we work. We are happy to organise our annual blood donation drive in association with the Dubai Health Authority where our staff, partners and clients can make a contribution to meet the continued need for blood at hospitals.”

The third annual blood donation drive will be held on the third floor of the Twin Towers. Employees, partners and guests are expected to voluntarily come forward to donate in large numbers. Rouse expects the donations to surpass last year’s number of 100 units. The DHA authorities will provide full medical equipment, information and support at the blood donation campaign.

“We commend Rouse for organising the blood donation campaign during the Eid period and are happy to whole-heartedly support it. Twin Towers will offer them all the facilities and services required to make this blood donation a mega success. We are sure DIP’s staff and other tenants at Twin Towers will also come out in full force to support Rouse’s blood donation campaign,” says Mr. Deepak Chawla, Operations Manager at DIP.

Globally, Rouse supports initiatives to help improve the lives of the local community through its ‘Rouse Cares’ programmer. The support ranges from providing legal support on a pro bono basis, supporting charitable institutions and working directly with community organisations.

Willing to contribute?

August 23, 2010

It’s so hard to organize a blood camp in Ramadan, not because organizers are fasting and slow BUT people resist donating blood, although one can donate after iftar, but still people think they can get weak after donating.

FAiTh tried arranging a blood camp before Ramadan in different institutes/universities, but couldn’t get permission as they were already booked by some other Thalassemia centers, am glad someone approached them before us :) and I hope they would have get awesome result.

Now FAiTh has decided to organize blood camp after Eid and we are here to ask for help, help in giving us a venue, help in getting us donors.

If you can arrange blood camp in your neighborhood, institute, university, factory, office ANYWHERE, contact us. Just give us venue and donors and we will do the rest!

Hoping to get positive vibes!

Ayesha Mehmood
Official Spokesperson

Woman’s rare blood helps others

August 3, 2010

Courtesy: staradvertiser.com

Leslie Tanoue is among the Blood Bank of Hawaii’s small group of donors with blood that can help children with a rare disorder.

Tanoue’s blood is used to help people diagnosed with thalassemia major, a disorder that destroys red blood cells and leads to anemia.

Last month, Tanoue squeezed a rubber ball for the 70th time to give a pint of her blood and encourage others to do the same.

Tanoue has O-positive blood with antigens that match those of patients with thalassemia. Unmatched antigens would cause the patient’s immune system to make antibodies that destroy the transfused red blood cells.

“When we saw a special sticker placed on our blood bags and we learned that our blood is rare, it was exciting and motivating and stressed the importance of regular donations,” Tanoue said in a news release.

According to the National Institutes of Health, thalassemia can lead to severe anemia, bone deformities in the face, fatigue, growth failure, shortness of breath and jaundice. Severe thalassemia can lead to heart failure and liver problems.

“There’s no cure for it,” said Dr. Randal Covin, associate medical director of the Blood Bank of Hawaii.

Children diagnosed with thalassemia major may require regular blood transfusions as treatment to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Blood Bank of Hawaii, 60 percent of the population will need blood during their lifetime, but only 2 percent of Hawaii residents are blood donors.

For information on how to donate, call the Blood Bank of Hawaii at 845-9966.

Giving Guests

June 13, 2010

Courtesy: bangaloremirror.com

Four working professionals living in a paying guest (PG) accommodation in Koramangala’s Ashwini Layout have come together to give something to society. They have teamed up with St John’s Hospital and Medical College to organise a blood donation camp at their PG – Vinayak Home – between 10 am and 12:30 pm on Sunday. Blood collected from this drive will be given to Thalassemia and Haemop- hilia patients.

Paying guests (L-R) Mohit Jain, Mohan A S and Ravi Shankar B Ghave have invited 50 apartments in Koramangala to take part in their blood donation drive on Sunday The altruistic foursome are Mohan A S and Mohit Jain, who work as software engineers; bank employee Ashish Kumar, and Ravi Shankar B G, a a clinician in St John’s Hospital.

Jain, who initiated this drive, says, “This idea came when my three friends and I were chatting. We thought we should have a blood donation drive to create awareness about it.”

Shankar got the support of St John’s Hospital for this drive. The hospital is providing eight beds and 13 medical personnel.
Blood collected will be used by the hospital in treating Thalassemia and Hemophilia patients, who come to the hospital regularly for transfusion.

Jain says, “Initially, we thought of making it a private affair by including only 60 members of our PG. Later we expanded it”
The group visited more than 50 apartments and PGs in Koramangala, besides collecting email IDs and mobile numbers, to inform people about the drive.

Everyone they met was extremely supportive. Jain says, “Wherever we went, we were treated nicely. Some even asked us to come inside and promised us their participation on Sunday. We made it clear that we did not belong to any group but were doing this because we wanted to help.”

Blood Donation Camp held at Indian School of Business

June 13, 2010

Courtesy: indiaeducationdiary.in

Hyderabad: Students at the Indian School of Business (ISB) organised a one day voluntary blood donation camp in collaboration with Red Cross Society, Hyderabad recently. This was the tenth consecutive year that the camp was held at the ISB campus.

The entire ISB community – students, staff, faculty, spouses and alumni – donated blood, with 175 units being collected. The donated blood will be mainly used for children in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka suffering from Thalassemia, a genetic disorder which afflicts 1 out of every 8 Indians.

On the occasion, Shiv Kumar, head of Co-curricular Activities at the ISB said, “I donate every year during this camp since voluntary blood donation costs nothing but gives the donor a great feeling of pleasure, peace and bliss. This is our tenth year & I am glad the fervour of students and staff has only increased with each opportunity to donate blood. We had a record collection of 260 units in 2009.”

Dr Komal Jagdish, who supervised the camp, was extremely delighted with the turnout. She said, “Blood from this camp will be used by Red Cross’ Hyderabad transfusion centre which handles 1200 Thalassemia patients every month. But, in summer months, donations usually go down. We are thankful to ISB since this is the only camp we managed this month.”

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