Number of diabetics grows two times in Azerbaijan

February 21, 2010

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The Azerbaijani Ministry of Health held an extended meeting of collegium, devoted to results of 2009.

Chief of medical care organization department Soltan Aliyev said that 118,000 patients, suffering from diabetes, were registered within the framework of State Program for Diabetes. This index exceeds 2 times exceeds that of 2003.

“Presently, the number of patients have lowered from 21.7 to 9.2 on each 100,000 persons. The quantity of patients, suffering from thalassemia, have decreased from 73 to 21 persons on 100,000 people since 2003, quantity of food poisonings have reduced by 40% and quantity of poisoned people – by 50 %,” S. Aliyev told.

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