RSS, communist activists get together at Christ

August 22, 2009

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Shimla: It was the first-ever voluntary blood donation camp organized in a church in Shimla and a surprise for many as people belonging to RSS and even those with ideology also came forward to donate blood along with local Christians and Hindus to support the cause of Children with Thalassemia. The camp was proof that voluntary blood donation is capable of demolishing the artificial barriers of our society.

The camp was jointly organized by Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Shimla, and Umang Foundation at the 150-year-old Christ Church on the historic Ridge on August 9. The first donors, on the same bed, were Naresh Kumar and Jay Singh Thakur, SFI and RSS activists respectively, both students of journalism at Himachal Pradesh University. As many as 60 persons donated blood in the camp including Umang Foundation president Ajai Srivastava (76th time), Pratap Singh Thakur (45th time), Bharti Kuthiala and Jaya Sharma (both 26th time). Rev. Shamsher Masih, Father Xavier Herald and YMCA Shimla general secretary Naresh Scott also donated blood in the camp.

A veteran voluntary blood donor VD Kuthiala, who has a record of 151 donations in his name, while inaugurating the camp said, “It is a very touching moment for me to see young blood donors like Naresh and Jay Singh belonging to opposite ideologies donating blood on the same bed in a church compound. This would straighten the voluntary blood donation movement in the state. I appreciate Ajai Srivastava’s untiring efforts to bring people close through blood donation.” He also congratulated Naresh Scott for his initiative to organize such camp in a church.

Some children with Thalassemia were also present in the camp with their parents to express thanks to the blood donors. It was the 7th camp by Umang Foundation in support of children with Thalassemia in the last 14 months and about 500 units of blood have been collected in these camps. Ajai Srivastava said, “On an average every two months we organize a blood donation camp with help from different social organizations and the blood collected in these camps goes to the biggest hospital of Himachal Pradesh i.e. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla.”

Naresh Scott said the response for the camp was encouraging and now YMCA Shimla would organize such camps twice a year.

Al Qudra Holding organizes Blood Drive

July 12, 2009

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As part of its corporate social responsibility commitments, Al Qudra Holding organized a blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank on Monday 8 June 2009. The purpose of the campaign was to support people suffering from Thalassemia and cancer, as well as for those who require open heart surgery.

Eng. Jasim Al Hosani, Managing Director, Al Qudra Healthcare, stated “We are aware that a lot of patients are constantly in need of blood transfusions and the least we can do is secure this for them. We also recognize the importance of maintaining adequate blood stock levels in the UAE’s blood banks.”

“At Al Qudra, we believe in the principle that companies should contribute to the welfare of society. As such, I would like to thank all our employees who volunteered to donate blood, as well as the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank for its tremendous effort and humanity.” said Mahmood Ebraheem Al Mahmood, CEO, Al Qudra Holding.

The blood donation campaign was very successful, were over 40 Al Qudra Holding employees joined the company’s drive, donated blood and further expressed their keen interest in supporting similar campaigns in the future.

World Blood Donor Day

July 12, 2009

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Thalassemic kids in need of frequent donations

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Bureau report

PESHAWAR: The Hamza Foundation Blood Services Saturday urged the masses to donate blood to organisation so as lives of innocent children suffering from thalassemia could be saved.

Addressing a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club, chairman of the foundation Ejaz Ali Khan said due to the military operation in certain areas of the province, the foundation could not collect blood for thalassemia patients.

He also demanded of the government to announce extra marks to the students who donate blood. “In this way we will be able to persuade the students to donate blood,” he said.

Flanked by Dr Fakhar Zaman, medical director of the foundation, he said that the Hamza Foundation had 539 registered patients of thalassemia, haemophilia and blood cancer.

Beside, he said, the foundation also provides blood to other patients free of cost. “We need 700 blood bags monthly to cater to the needs of patients registered with the foundation,” he said.

Dr Ejaz said that the medical science had confirmed that a healthy person, from 18 to 50 years of age, could donate blood four times a year. He said that blood donation also diminishes the possibility of hepatitis and AIDS.

He said that the World Donors Day would be observed today (Sunday) to create awareness among the people to donate blood. He said that presently about 80 million people across the world donate blood amongst them 39 per cent are from under-developed countries.

He said that in Pakistan 70 percent of the donated blood is given to thalassemia patients.

Dr Ejaz said that during the last three years the Hamza Foundation collected blood from over 12,000 volunteers, majority of which comes from student community.

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