December 6, 2016

ہم نے ایک فیس بک گروپ تشکیل دیا ہے جہاں آپ اپنی جاب ، صلاحیت یا بزنس کی مشہوری کر سکتے ہیں۔

اگر آپ کوئی بزنس کر رہے ہیں، اپنے پروڈکٹ پوسٹ کریں، بلا تکلف ہو کر کسٹمر بنایں، سیل بڑھائیں۔

اگر آپ کوئی جاب کررہے ہیں تو جاب کی تفصیلات پیان کریں، کیا معلوم آپ کو کوئی پارٹ ٹائم جاب مل جائے جو آپ باآسانی گھر بیھٹے کر سکیں۔

اگر آپ میں کوئی صلاحیت ہے، جیسے کہ پینٹنگ، کمپیوٹر گرافکس، ویب ڈیزاننگ یا جو بھی صلاحیت ہے، اس کے نمونے اپلوڈ کریں۔

اس گروپ میں سیلرز صرف اور صرف تھیلیسیمیا میجر ہونگے اس کو آپ ہماری ایک چھوٹی سی کاوش سمجھیں تاکہ دنیا کو یہ بھی پتا لگیں تھیلیسیمیا میجر بھی کتنے باصلاحیت باہمت ہوتے ہیں۔

انشااللہ اس گروپ سے ہمیں بہت سے مواقع ، جاب ، آفرز ، سیل ملے گی جس سے اشااللہ تھلیسیمیا میجر اور خود مختار ہونگے۔

We have created a facebook group, where you all can advertise about your job, business, skills etc.

If you have any business, post pictures of the products you offer, generate sales.

If you are doing any job, you can define the nature of job, maybe you can get a part time job which you can do from home?

If you have any skill, like painting, computer graphics, web designing, etc.. show your work and generate sales..

Our group sellers will only be thalassemia majors, consider it a small contribution towards society to empower thalassemia majors & to let world know that thalassemia majors are no less than anyone 🙂

inshaAllah we will generate more sales, more leads, more offers from this group and will empower our fellows inshaAllah.




December 6, 2016

Email received yesterday at our official email id from a thalassemic.

Respescted Sir/Madam,

I am a Thalassaemic Major Patient and i am getting blood transfusion from husaini thalassaemia center ,Would like to take your kindly attention in some problems which me & my other thalassaemic frnds face in our thalassaemia center.

They provide us Desfonak 500 & Deferoxir 500 injection which is useless for iron chelation, because of that low quality injection we face body pain and also our body iron is not getting out with this type of local IRANIAN injections.

Another problem is about environment , The temperature of transfusion room is very high and hot, because always AC is not working and fans are not enough for the room capacity.

So i humbly request to All trustes of Husaini Thalassaemia Center and All members of thalassaemia Federation, kindly take immediate action about this matter.

Do some action instead of only speeches in thalassaemia conferences.

Thanking you,
Your’s Truly”

Sadly we don’t know the identity, the sender doesn’t wish anyone to know who is he/she.. since he is afraid and says “I unable to disclosed my identity because i am registered patient in husaini and if they know me they creates problem for me.”

We hope the trustees of Husaini get the email and resolve the issues of our thalassemia fellows.

If anyone want to stay anonymous and want us to share any problem please let us know, we will raise the voice inshaAllah.

If anyone knows trustees or any high official at Husaini please forward this to them, you might help thalassemia community 🙂


December 6, 2016

Just like last year  we aim to cover 3 to 5 thalassemia centers this winter too, inshaAllah we will gift our fellows some injection desferal [180 Rs each], some infusion pumps [6000 each], some hoody [400 each] & some shawls etc.Last year we distributed desferal injections, infusion pumps, hoody, shawls to our fellow thalassemics in Fatimid Foundation Karachi, Hyderabad, Rashidabad, Khairpur & our team from Bahawalpur distributed them in Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital.

InshaAllah with your support we will do it again this year 🙂

If you wish to donate please contact us 🙂

Our last year activity pictures can be seen here :

5 Years & Counting..

October 23, 2016


We began our Sponsor a Child program in 2011 with a hemophilia patient on a special request, since then Fight Against Thalassemia has sponsored a lot of thalassemia fellows.. some for treatment, for education, tests, etc.

Alhamdulillah not a single month passed when any fellow enrolled with us wasn’t provided their required medicines and all this has been made possible with the help of our amazing donors, their trust has made this journey easy for many of our fellows.

5 years and counting  thank you so much everyone for the support, help, love and trust 

World Blood Donor Day 2011

June 14, 2011
World Blood Donor Day 2011

World Blood Donor Day 2011

International Thalassemia Day!

May 8, 2011

Happy International Thalassemia Day =)
Happy International Thalassemia Day to everyone! specially to the Thalassemics! rise and shine.. because you are special =)

FAiTh in TIF Magazine =)

January 17, 2011

Alhamdulillah FAiTh [Fight Against Thalassemia] is gaining its place in people’s life, heart, mind and now it secured its position in TIF [Thalassemia International Federation] Magazine 🙂

FAiTh featured in TIF Mag

FAiTh featured in TIF Mag

Please click on image for larger view

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