About Us

The Group: FAiTh – Fight Against Thalassemia
The FAiTh group is dedicated to support, serve and love people with Thalassemia and their families. We intend to create a general, massive awareness about the illness and motivate people to support Thalassemia patients.

The Mission
Our core mission is to educate public about Thalassemia and its effects on society, identify its cure and treatment, support the patients in every sector, enhance their quality of life and develop an effective channel between patients and supporters/donors.

The Team

  • Salman Mehmood – Founder:

The idea of developing an online medium to facilitate people and families with Thalassemia with information and support came from Salman. Salman was a 24 year old Thalassemic. Salman was the developer of this website. He is no longer among us, but his cause will now be lead by his sister Ayesha Mehmoood and his cause will keep him alive.

  • Ayesha Mehmood – Official Spokesperson:

She is sister of Salman, she is also thalassemic patient. She manages our blood bank, guide people who call us or email us for help regarding blood needed anywhere in Pakistan, along with Farman Ahmed she arrange blood camps as much as possible, she also manages content on this blog and marketing about blood donation camps and registrations.
Email: ayesha@thalassemia.com.pk
Cell: 92-332-3080461

  • Farman Ahmed – Lead Coordinator & Facilitator:

A qualified engineer and one of the earliest members, Farman Ahmed, has been organizing neighborhood blood donation campaigns over the last five years to make sure that Thalassemic’s have the precious blood they need to survive. Even though these blood drives were successful, he felt that more was needed. Farman is responsible to hold public campaigns for the collection of blood, and facilitate coordination between Sponsors/donors and effected families. He can be reached at:
Email: farmanahmed@yahoo.com
Cell: 92-300-9290651

24 Responses to About Us

  1. erum minhas says:

    you people are doing great job. salman and ayesha we need [people like you . if you dont mind tell me from where you belong and where is your center,i am working in husaini thalassaemia center ,karachi

  2. Dr Erum, we are from Karachi 🙂 we are getting treatment from Fatimid Foundation 🙂 thanks a lot for visiting our blog 🙂

  3. Usman says:

    I appreciate Salman’s effort a great deal .I know about you guys from TV and worst part of that was , Salman is not part of us now but he will be remebered for a long time.
    I cried for 2 hours when i listen about Salman’s death but he was the man of courage and now we will carry on his mission by participating .
    WE love SALMAN

  4. dr.saima imdad says:

    Dear Ayesha,
    ilive in canada n i heard abt salman from my younger brother residing in ejypt.we both discussed him n we both have same feelings abt him as we lost our brother again.
    yes we too r from the sufferers n we lost our elder brother at the age of 22 in yr 2000.he had ACUTE LEUKEMIA(white cell cancer of blood).
    May ALLAH give salman the highest place in JANNATUL-FIRDOUS.
    And MAY ALLAH bless u n ur parents n give u the courage to continue his great mission.AMIN.

  5. It is a pleasure to meet you here Ayesha. I am also blogging on support for blood transfusions and bone marrow transplant patients at http://support4bloodtransfusion-bmtpatients.blogspot.com/

    My efforts are really quite preliminary but I am also affected by blood disorders. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and she has had to have two bone marrow transplants in a span of 2 years. She is 6 years old now and with the Grace of Allah, once again on the road to recovery.

    I am creating awareness about policies to prevent blood disorders and also to create a reliable bone marrow transplant centre in Pakistan…because we were not able to find these facilities in Pakistan.

    I would really appreciate if you could take some of your valuable time to visit my site and ask me any questions you may have about bone marrow transplants etc.

    I have lost some wonderful friends and children of friends to Leukemia and complications of BMT so I can well understand the grief of losing your brother. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Ameen. And may Allah make you even more successful in your noble endeavours. All the very best.

  6. sarah says:

    hii …i think u all r doing r great job …my son is thal major …n i hav seen soo much problems with him ..im living in Uk ..alhamdolillah here the facilities r really good..but i do really feel for the children in Pakistan suffering from this horrible dieseas please dont hesitate to ask for any help..if i could do anything to help my people ill be very lucky n greatful..

    • Niamat says:

      salam. i am Niamat Ullah Arman, Chairman of AFGHAN THALASSEMIA CONTROL ORGANISATION Afghanistan

    • Syed Sattar Ahmed Shah says:

      Dear Sister,
      Dear Sister my nephew Syed Awais Shah the patient of Major Thalasemia last 14 Years. Dear sister i have belong to very poor family i could not afford the expenses. Dear Sister i have need to Desferal Injection Pump because this pump in not avalabile in pakistan, please send me 2 unit of pumps i am very thanks full to you. I am waiting your reply.I pray your whole family GOD give you long life and ur whole family.

      Thanks _ Regards
      Syed Sattar Ahmed SHah

      Mobile No +923009763686

  7. Niaz Ahmed Khoso says:

    we like it

  8. Anwar says:

    we want to thred in my dotor.
    so when i will be giving you document my dotor
    its so urgent.

  9. aysha says:

    aysha Im also aysha
    working in genetics lab and diagnose cases like CML,AML,Her 2 positive breast cancers by insitu flourecence hybridization technique.
    As I found this site n read about it I feel ur work n commitment to such families who had B-Thal +ve people is very appreciaable
    inshallah by donating blood we can really make thal free Pakistan

  10. mobeen says:

    hi my name is mobeen living in Bahrain, im patient of thalasemia major.. i want to knw if there is any treatment of this desease. like gene thrapy


  11. Dear Ayesha,

    I’m very much impressed by the efforts carried out by your beloved brother Salman and you for the cause of Thalassemia. I live in Shimla,a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India and with the support of some friends we founded Umang Foundation, a public welfare trust, to support the children with Thalassemia and disabled children. Here, I’m Associate Professor of Journalism and a Journalist, too.
    I’m thankful to you that the news related to Umang Foundation activities have been published in your site.
    Hats off to your massive efforts.
    I would love to be in touch with you and seek your guidence in this field.My e-mail ID is ajaisri02@yahoo.co.in
    With regards,
    -Ajai Srivastava

  12. UmmeYahya says:

    Hi. I was wondering where did you guys get the info for the article:

  13. UmmeYahya: Courtesy is given there

  14. Jawad says:

    Slam Aysha
    Unlukily this disease is growing very rapidly in our country, though me n my wife gone through Electrophorses tests, my wife was a career but i was normal declared but unfortunatley our beloved doughter is declared as Tahalecimia Major, so we undergone again for the test n found that we both are minor.
    this is really a very unprofessional attitude of the Lap who declare me normal otherwise we must have gone through some other precuasions, u may know.
    dear sis there is another of my cuzin who died of this beatle disease. i am very upset n my wife too, what u suggest us to do??
    we althou registered with “Jamela Sultana Foundatiion”
    and what u suggest to do with that Lab??
    anxiously w8ing for ur reply.

  15. Jawad: I wonder which lab did that mistake, a single mistake can cause so many problems they don’t understand.

    Don’t be sad and upset please, there are thalassemia major who are married have kids, living healthy life.., you still have chances and you still have more hope than us, your daughter is very young am sure, you can go for bone marrow transplant.

    You can report about the lab I guess, though I don’t know how but you can write about it.

    Let me know how and where I can of any help.

    Best Regards!

    -Ayesha Mehmood
    Official Spokesperson

  16. javed bakhsh says:

    assalam-wa-alakum-i am very pleased to see ur web.it is very good to promote the awareness about this disease.my son of 10myrs old is sufferingby such problem.

  17. sameen says:

    I want to know some statistics on Sickel cell anemia /trait can u plz guide me.

  18. Sameen, Sorry we don’t have stats 🙂

  19. niamat ullah arman says:

    Salam, I am Niamat Ullah Arman, Chairman of AFGHAN THALASSEMIA CONTROL ORGANISATION.
    Contact me FACEBOOK
    niamat ullah arman
    afghan thalassemia control organisation

  20. syed naqvi says:

    I heard wheatgrass juice is the best for Cancer patients ,it boost/strong the immune systen, one should take with empty stomac in morning or two times/day. my brother gone through 02 chemotherapy ( Pray for my brother Sajjad Raza). he is better now we will start wheatgrass juice soon after boonemarrow test again to check how many cancer cell left.hopefully inshaallah gone .please search for wheatgrass juice if it is fresh ,home grown much better.please spread this to all.

  21. Hafiz Muhammad Faheem says:

    Dear Sister,
    Dear Sister my nephew Uzair Ali the patient of Major Thalasemia last 10 Years. Dear sister i have belong to very poor family i could not afford the expenses. Dear i have need to Desferal Injection Pump because this pump in not avalabile in pakistan, please send me 2 unit of pumps i am very thanks full to you. I am waiting your reply.I pray your whole family GOD give you long life and ur whole family.

    Thanks _ Regards
    Hafiz Muhammad Faheem
    Mobile No +923007360379

  22. Muhammad gulzar says:

    aoa. my 07 years daughter is suffering from thalesemia major. i am a motor mechanic and my age is 57 years. please save my child life please i am very worried 0300-8346380 i cant afford bone marrow transplant cost please i need ur help aik masoom ki zindgi ka sawal hai

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