Azerbaijan has endorsed Program of Action on diabetes, thalassemia and hemophilia for 2011-15

The Azerbaijani Cabinet Ministers has approved the Program of Action on a number of diseases for 2011-15.

The Cabinet informs that the programs of actions were approved by decisions #222 on diabetes, #223 on treatment and prevention of thalassemia, and #224 on hemophilia patients.

The first program is linked with a 2-fold increase in the number of registered diabetics in the country. It supposes creation of an electronic registry and database, organization of diabetes prevention schools, providing patients with insulin and other medications, etc.

The second program is linked with the fact that the country has about 1,800 thalassemia patients. It includes examination of marrying persons on the subject of threat of thalassemia in their offspring, organization of laboratories for screening of thalassemia carriers, medical and genetic consultations for them, organization of awareness about thalassemia jeopardy in secondary schools.

The third program is linked with the fact that the country numbers 1,300 hemophiliacs and their quantity is increasing by 30-40 people a year. It includes organization of inter-regional offices for patients with hemophilia, a register of such patients, training of specialists in haemophilia (including abroad).

All activities are financed in accord with Article “Health” of the State Budget.

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