BMT Centre To Come Up In City


Patients suffering from thallassemia will soon be able to obtain the services of a Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant in the city itself.

A team of doctors from Italy are currently in the city, to find the best possible hospital to set up the BMT unit.

Doctor Pietro Sodani told media persons that he and his team will, under the aegis of ‘Cure Thallassemina India’, a non-profit, non-political and secular organisation providing support to health professionals in developing countries, will finalise the hospital after going through the various corporate hospitals in the city.

Dr. Pietro revealed that very few centres for BMT exist in India, and that the city will soon join other cities like Vellore, Bangalore and Delhi after one is set up here.

He also revealed that the BMT Centre will provide relief to about 1,400 known thallassemia patients in the State.

Thalassemia Major is a fatal blood disorder which not only destroys red blood cells but also produces defective red blood cells. It requires life-long blood transfusion, every 3 to 4 weeks, and medicines, failing which 90% of children afflicted by it would die in childhood. BMT is the only known cure.

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