I contribute, do you?

Hello everyone,

We are creating a pool of donors who can contribute monthly for needy patients of Thalassemia & for our Fight Against Thalassemia campaigns, If any of you are interested to become a donor, let me know.

Our plan is to gather donors then according to the monthly contribution we will be sponsoring few non affording Thalassemia patients. And rest of the contribution would be used in our campaigns (blood camps, screening camps & awareness seminars).

You can even donate 100RS, interested people please drop in your email id and you will be added to our pool of donors.

To contribute there are three options, (1) PayPal (2) Bank transfer (3) Personally handing over! 🙂

-Ayesha Mehmood
Official Spokesperson

4 Responses to I contribute, do you?

  1. Abbas Khatri says:

    Ayesha@ Allah bless you. if you need any sort of help from our side so we are ready for it..

  2. JUNAID says:

    assalam o alaikum , if u have any patient of any kind of blood cancer u can contact on these numbers


    Professor illiyaas.


  3. Hello Ayesha, I’ll be happy to contribute. PayPal might be the best option for me, let me have the relevant info. On my side I am also working on a thalassemia prevention project in Pakistan and will keep you posted on any relevant progress.

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