Syrian-Cypriot Health Cooperation Discussed


Bilateral cooperation was the main point of discussions held on Sunday between Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri and Cypriot Health Minister Christos Patsalides Syrian-Cypriot.

Talks explored the prospects of cooperation in the fields of pharmaceutical industries, training and qualifying medical staffs and exchanging expertise related to scientific and medical research.

Later on the day, Health Minister Rida Said discussed with Patsalides mechanisms of activating the signed agreement between the two ministries and broadening the standing cooperation, focusing on thalassemia disease and exchanging expertise and information between medical staffs of both sides.

Minister Said said that the Ministry seeks to benefit from the successful Cypriot experience in pre-marital medical tests which helped the country fight thalassemia disease.

For his part, Patsalides expressed desire to cooperate with the Syrian side, particularly in light of the similarity of health conditions and challenges in Syria and Cyprus.

He underlined that the main factor required to improve and upgrade the health situation is providing the necessary funding.

Syria and Cyprus signed health cooperation agreement in 1995 which includes information and expertise exchange with regard to epidemiological studies, communicable disease control in addition to cooperation related to combating thalassemia.

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