Fun and feast for special children


Around 500 special children of different educational and rehabilitation centres being run by non-governmental and charitable organisations enjoyed exciting games, competitions and other recreational activities at a carnival held on Monday.

Inside a huge tent pitched in a lawn along Sharea Faisal especially for the young visitors, no one was found too shy or too timid to interact with one another.

Potato race, bubble catch, pottery, freeze dance, dart shooting, jumping castle, illusion show and pin the donkey made the colourful event even more thrilling for the young participants.

It was one of the rare occasions where street children also had an opportunity to attend the “Ramazan kids carnival”.
“The purpose was to give special children, orphans, street children and thalassaemia patients a chance to have fun and also demonstrate their talent,” said Farhan Ahmad, an official of the HSBC that had organised the event.

Children accompanied by their teachers and representatives of their academic and rehabilitation centres were encouraged to participate in games and competitions. While the enthusiasts won prizes which also included toys, all children attending the event were presented with Eid gifts. It was their involvement in the exciting activities that made the carnival a remarkable event.

A couple of celebrities also joined the special children at the evening.

Zaid Rao, a young thalassaemia patient, told Dawn that he found the evening interesting. “We all have good time here,” he said, adding that the special children also had an opportunity to expose their hidden talents and feel, amidst clapping and appreciation, a change they too deserved.

Farhana Khalid, a teacher accompanying the deaf and dumb students of the Family Educational Services Foundation, appreciated the fact that the special children had been offered a recreational facility despite all odds in society.

Rana Asif Habib of the Initiator Human Development Foundation said that the problem of street children was a serious challenge for the civil society. He highlighted the need for civil society and the government to join hands to ensure provision of rights to children.

The special children showed their keen interest in pottery, face painting and bubble catch booths where organisers were present to guide and support them.

Later, Iftar was also served.

The children had come from different educational and rehabilitation centres, including the Family Educational Services Foundation, Karachi Vocational Training Centre, SOS Children’s Villages of Karachi, Concern for Children, Children Health & Education Foundation, HOPE Home Schools, Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Centre and the Initiator Human Development Foundation.

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