Thalassemia major boy saved after stem cell transplant


A five-year-old thalassemia major boy got a new lease of life following a successful stem cell transplant and would never require any blood transfusion in his life, doctors who treated him said here today.

“Kavya, son of Mahesh Vaghela who works with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), under went a stem cell transplant last month. His condition is fine now as the donor cells have been accepted by the body,” Dr Uday Deotare of Sterling hospital, who led the team of doctors who operated on Kayva told reporters.

“The stem cell were extracted from bone marrow of Kavya’s elder brother Mihir (7),” he said.

Giving a brief medical history of Kavya, Deotare said that Kavya was detected with thalassemia major when he was six months old.

“Since then he has been undergoing blood transfusion every month till he was four and half year old. His parents had approached us some time ago for the operation which is very costly,” he said.

“Now that the operation is successful, Kavya would not need blood transfusion for the rest of his life. However, he would be on medication for next one year,” Deotare said.

Kavya’s father Manish said that he was very happy that his son was cured and would never need blood transfusion. “I am thankful to the doctors who save my boy,” he added.

2 Responses to Thalassemia major boy saved after stem cell transplant

  1. attique says:

    Respected person,
    please give the address of the doctor and hospital where a thallasemia major boy saved after stem cell transplant.I am much worried about my thallasemic major son.

  2. Sorry but I don’t have any other information, as you can see that news has been taken from so please contact them 🙂

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