Govt to fund thalassemia patients’ treatment

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* Pakistan Baitul Maal MD says a monthly stipend of Rs 3,000 will be paid to each patient
* Announces gold medals for blood donors

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) Managing Director (MD) Zamurad Khan on Saturday said the children suffering from thalassemia would not be left alone and the government would bear the expenses of their medication and education.

Zamurad, who was the chief guest, was addressing a function held here to mark International Day of Thalassemia under the aegis of Thalassemia Welfare Society (TWS).

Representative of World Health Organisation (WHO) in Pakistan Khalif Bile Mohamud, TWS President Lt Gen Fahim Ahmed Khan, Green Task Force Chairman Dr Jamal Nasir, Murtaza Burhani, Dr Qayum Awan, Col (r) SK Tressler, Lt Gen Kamal Akbar and Dr Ayesha along with parents of thalassemia patients were also present on this occasion.

Zamurad said PBM would pay Rs 3,000 stipend per month to each thalassemia patient. In addition, all possible assistance would be provided to the parents of such children for providing them best healthcare facilities, he added.

He announced gold medals for those donors who would donate 50 pints of blood for the thalassemia patients. He expressed his pleasure that people like Lt Gen Fahim Khan, Murtaza Burhani and Kamal Akbar had devoted their life for the welfare of thalassemia patients.

It is an ample proof of their commitment that these gentlemen donated over 100 pints of blood individually for the noble cause. “Besides this, several officers of Pak Army are working day and night for the well-being of these minor patients and I salute to Pak Army for rendering this generous services to mankind, ”the MD added. He said PBM would also help TWS in establishing new blood bank and medication of the patients.

The speakers told the audience that there were about 100,000 thalassemia patients in Pakistan while about eight million people were carriers of inactive virus and they all are in dire need of fresh and healthy blood.

Dr Jamal Nasir said the thalassemia patients deserved special attention of the society, especially the philanthropists.

Gen Fahim said awareness was being created among the masses about deadly syndrome of thalassemia.

“There are about 80,000 patients who are getting healthcare facilities and medication under TWS but it is very alarming that each year some 60,000 patients are adding to this number. The therapy of this silent killer is much costly which also needs more and more contributions and donation of blood,” he said.

Bile said Pakistanis were the most enthusiastic nation in the whole world to help others.

On this occasion, the thalassemia patients performed tableaus, dramas, skits and colourful dress show. At the end, prizes were also distributed among them.

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