Emirates Thalassemia Society honours DM

Couresty by: eyeofdubai.com

Emirates Thalassemia Society recently honoured Dubai Municipality for its contribution to the success of the “Future without Thalassemia” campaign, which was organized on the sidelines of the UAE’s celebration of the International Thalassemia Day last year.

Dubai Municipality was honoured during a meeting between Obaid Salem Al Shamsi, Assistant Director General for International Affairs and Partnerships Sector with Abdul Baset Mohammed Mirdas, Chairman of the Emirates Thalassemia Society.

“This recognition is the result of the Municipality’s conviction on the importance of creating awareness about Thalassemia disease in the community especially since it is the most common genetic disease in the country,” said Al Shamsi.

He added that the Municipality provided five locations for the promotion of the campaign and distributed brochures and booklets to the employees and customers in the main building and the Municipality branch centres.

Mirdas appreciated the participation of Dubai Municipality and its key role in achieving the goals of the campaign, pointing out that the society organizes campaigns to curb the spread of this disease in the UAE through educational awareness-raising events each year.

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