6th National Thalassaemia Conference and Workshops

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan (TFP) is pleased to announce that the 6th National Thalassaemia Conference and Workshops will be organized from 12th to 13th of Dec, 2009 in Mirpur Azad Kashmir.

All TFP member societies, individuals and organizations are invited to participate in this conference.

In this regard, please revert to the following:

1) Federation will sponsor three individuals from each TFP member society and they will include 01 Patient, 01 Parent and 01 Representative of your society. It is requested to send those participants who have not previously attended the conference so that more and more people are provided the opportunity to participate in the conference. Deadline for conference registration is Dec 5, 2009.

2) Economy fare Train/Bus along with accommodation will be given by Federation.

3) TFP will provide accommodation on triple sharing basis (one room per society) for two nights.

4) TFP has decided to honor extraordinary Thalassaemic children. In this regard, please send us the name of one Thalassaemic child from your society, who have done exceptionally well in academic, sport or extracurricular activities by November 24, 2009. This record will be presented to a committee who will finalize the names of the children to be honored.

5) Federation also plans to publish a news letter which will be distributed in the conference and for that we request you to kindly email a write-up of your society’s activities since the last Thalassaemia conference in Karachi by 24th Nov, 2009.

6) Societies that have not submitted their TFP membership dues up to 2009, are requested to submit the dues before 24 Nov 2009. Please note that societies not paying their memberships dues by the given date will not be provided the above mentioned services.

7) Non members of TFP, kindly email or call TFP office for more information on how to attend the conference.

Details: tfp.org.pk


6 Responses to 6th National Thalassaemia Conference and Workshops

  1. What about arrangements for lodging and boarding ?

    Is TFP joining hands with the local govt of the AJK to help them organizing this mega event and for providing guest houses to the delegations attending from other cities of Pakistan or abroad???

  2. If Fatimid Foundation is taking a patient, they would get the train tickets, time and date, they would take them by train and then accommodation will be provided by Thalassemia Federation Pakistan.

  3. Good initiative – the awareness drive must continue

  4. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Does anyone know whether such children , who have had bone marrow transplants and have still managed to do well in academics and art, are eligible to be honoured at the conference?

  5. Ammara: I guess you should call Thalassemia Federation Pakistan and ask 🙂

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