Meeting for Thalassemia Cause

Date: 27th October 2009
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Usman Memorial Hospital, Karachi.
Cause: Thalassemia Awareness Further Plans.
Plans: Arranging more blood and awareness camps, getting mandatory tests bill passed in National Assembly.
People attended: Dr. Mustafa (Medical Director, Usman Memorial Hospital), Abdul Hameed Kath, Shamsuddin A. Noorani (Consultant- Alternative Medicine, DXN Intl. Pakistan), Musaddiq Hussain Lakhani (International Distributor, DXN Intl. Pakistan), Mustafa, Mr. Abid Beli and Mrs. Abid, Arsalan Nara, Asif Yahya, Hina Yahya, Hammad & Ayesha Mehmood

Discussion in points:

  • Explaining plan to Dr. Mustafa
  • Mr. Noorani & Mr. Lakhani brief introduction on alternative medicine (Red Reishi Mushroom)
  • Detailed discussion on Red Reishi Mushroom
  • Discussion over Hussaini Blood Bank and Transfusion centre & other centers
  • Dr. Mustafa’s idea of contacting Rafiq Khanani, who wants to do work in Thalassemia field
  • Arranging blood and awareness camps in Expo exhibition, colleges, universities & locality
  • Making arrangement for screening in discounted rate or free
  • Approaching bloggers, arranging competition to write detailed and best post about Thalassemia on their blog and win prize in the end
  • Gathering bloggers to write more and more about Thalassemia to make media pay attention to it
  • Writing letters to each and every ministry and try hard to pass mandatory tests bill passed in National Assembly
  • Making Thalassemia awareness brochure, CD

Drop your questions/advices/suggestions in Comment Box!

4 Responses to Meeting for Thalassemia Cause

  1. Misbah Ashfaq says:

    I am a 3rd year student at Dow University of Health Sciences and a volunteer of Patients’ Welfare Association, which is the largest student run non political non governmental organisation of Pakistan working within the premises of Civil Hospital, kARACHI.
    We have 112 registered Thalassemia Patients to whom we provide screened blood and medicines, FREE of cost.
    This year we plan to set up our own Thalassemia Day Care Centre which will provide a one window facility where all their needs will be met.
    We also plan to hold an awareness seminar to highlight preventive measures.
    I would like to use this platform to request for any professional expertise that could be of any help to us…because as our motto..Its ONLY TOGETHER THAT WE CAN MAKE DIFFERENCE.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  2. Mohammad Idrees Hameed says:

    AA.Dear Misbah,I am really impressed by you that you are running such type of association particularly the about the aim to help the Thalasaemia patients. Dear though I am not an expert but I know very well about the needs and how to coop those needs for the Thalassaemia patients because I am a father of a Thalassaemia patient who is suffering from this disease for the last 23 years.I’ll be happily provide you assistants to provide one window facility to Thalassaemia patients.Please contact.

  3. Shahzad nazir says:

    Hi sir!
    How are you? I want study about working of ganoderma on thalassemia. I ll be greatful for this kindness

  4. KANEEZ FATIMA says:

    Assalam o alyikum I am really impressed by you that you are running such type of association particularly the about the aim to help the Thalasaemia patients.
    Though I am not an expert but I know very well DXN products are very helpful for these patients.I worked nearly about eight months along with IQBAL Thaassemia center but I don’t know why these people don’t take interest in doing so in spite of an improvement in the time of transfution, improving anemic condition,avoid infections,
    chelating of overloaded iron ,avoid jaundice and much more without any side effect.

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