Preventive Health Bill moved in PA Couples to show Thalassemia, Hapatitis-C reports Ali Sheikh

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PESHAWAR: The Government on Thursday, presented in the Provincial Assembly The NWFP Preventive Health Bill, 2009. According to the Bill a Nikah registrar before solemnizing the marriage shall obtain premarital medical test reports of both bride and bridegroom regarding Thalassemia and Hepatitis C. These premarital medical tests of the two dangerous diseases would be mandatory and would help in spreading health awareness and would educate the future parents about the diseases as if infected they may give birth to the children with these contagious fatal diseases. According to the bill the nikah registrar shall keep the record of the medical reports for at least three years from the date the marriage is solemnized. Similarly, the license of a nikah registrar who solemnizes a marriage without obtaining these medical will be cancelled.

According to the bill, if a person other than a nikah registrar solemnizes a marriage in which the medical reports are not presented, the person will be fined Rs. 10,000. MPA Saqibullah Khan Chamkani presented the bill. Meanwhile,

The Provincial Motor vehicles (NWFP) (Ammendment) Bill, 2009 was also presented in the House. According to the amendment made the offender may deposit the challan fee in ‘any bank’ . Before it was written in the bill that the offender can only deposit the challan fee in only National Bank of Pakistan and Khyber Bank. This will help the offender in finding a bank and thus to deposit the challan fee easily. Meanwhile, 15 resolutions were also presented in the Provincial Assembly on Thursday.

Out of which eight resolutions were passed unanimously while others were either withdrawn by the movers or were lapsed because the movers were not present.

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