Dr Syed Abdul Mujeeb (1957 – 2009)

Courtesy by: dawn.com

KARACHI, Sept 7: A senior microbiologist, in charge of the blood bank at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Dr Syed Abdul Mujeeb, who died of a heart attack on Saturday, was buried here on Monday. He was 52.

He leaves four brothers and three sisters. A number of doctors belonging to the JPMC and other healthcare facilities and educational institutions attended his funeral prayers.

He had received the President’s Pride of Performance Award for his outstanding services in medicine last year. He had written numerous research articles, published in international and national journals.

To his admirers, friends and colleagues, Dr Mujeeb was a thorough professional, committed to the wellbeing of patients suffering from blood diseases.

An expert in infectious diseases, Dr Rafiq Khanani expressed sorrow over Dr Mujeeb’s death and said he would always be remembered for his research and services in the field of transfusion medicine. He always stressed the importance of safe blood and blood products and their transfusion.

In June this year, Dr Mujeeb had participated in the Global Consultation on 100 per cent Voluntary Non-remunerated Donation of Blood and Blood Components, organised by the World Health Organisation in Melbourne, Australia.

In a presentation there, he had said that Pakistan with a population of 160 million had in general disorganised, fragmented and hospital-based blood transfusion services, with no national blood transfusion services and programme for voluntary blood donors. If two per cent eligible population donated blood twice a year, all current requirements of blood could be met in the country, he had said.

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