MDRI to Set National Bone Marrow Registry

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Marrow Donor Registry, India (MDRI) announced plans to set up a national bone marrow registry to provide unrelated marrow transplant facilities in India to patients with leukaemia, thalassemia and other blood disorders. This first-of-its-kind initiative spearheaded by Dr Sunil Parekh and Dr Ashok Kripalani will make the tissue typing reports of donors of Indian origin available to patients globally without them having to travel abroad for the treatment. This initiative serves as a ray of hope to Indian patients who, up till now, paid over Rs 1-1.5 crore for a single unrelated marrow transplant treatment.

MDRI hosted a conference in Mumbai involving prominent doctors from major international registries such as the UK, the US, Europe and Australia along with representatives from all major transplant centres in India. Together, the participants planned to prepare a roadmap for moving forward in making these registries viable. Said Dr Sunil Parekh, “India needs its own marrow donor registry, which will have donors of Indian origin. In the first phase, we are planning to establish registries with 1,00,000 altruistic donors who pledge to donate their bone marrow stem cells. In the next five years, MDRI will need an investment of Rs 75 crore to increase its database to a million donors of Indian origin worldwide.”

Said Dr Ashok Kripalani, “The facility of unrelated marrow donor transplantation is highly advanced in developed nations. In such countries, HLA typing and matching with voluntary unrelated donors are well established. Currently, there are over 12 millions voluntary unrelated marrow donors already registered worldwide. Their HLA typing results are available in computerised database. Patients from such countries can usually find a matching donor and can have marrow transplant done. The western registries have extreme paucity of matching volunteer donors for Indian patients, since we Indians are genetically different from the western population.”

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  2. hina says:

    Can u find a bone marrow donor my baby.

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