Focus on Iron Chelation Therapy to Benefit Thalassemia Community in the Middle East

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Health Professionals Meet in Kuwait to Learn About
State of the Art Therapies

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Health professionals have attended an update presentation on iron chelation therapy in Kuwait to learn about the latest advances in treatment of patients with iron overload.

Blood disorders, such as Thalassemia, are highly prevalent across the Middle East and patients requiring regular blood transfusions are obliged to undergo lengthy and painful iron chelation therapy.

Iron is a critical element required for the normal functioning of all body cells; and is necessary for basic metabolic processes such as oxygen transport, DNA synthesis, and electron transport.

Key speaker Dr Ali Taher, Professor of Medicine, Hematology-Oncology Division, American University of Beirut, will discuss key developments and breakthroughs in Iron Overload Management that will be made available to the Thalassemia community in the Middle East.

“Worldwide, Thalassemia researchers and clinicians are constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of life and improve iron chelation treatments for Thalassemia patients,” said Dr Taher.

“Following the introduction of Exjade, an oral drug that removes excess iron from key organs, life is now easier for Thalassemia patients as the drug has helped to ease the discomfort and pain they previously experienced through their treatment,” added Dr Taher.

Iron chelation is often necessary to prevent potentially life-threatening complications of excess iron being stored in patients who receive regular blood transfusions for diseases such as Thalassemia, myelodysoplastic syndromes, sickle cell disease and other anemias.

Dr. Mona Burahma, Head of the Thalassemia Society in Kuwait, explained how knowledge sharing between medical professionals was integral to providing patients with the best treatment.

“The opportunity to learn and share with health professionals from across the world greatly enhances standards of care for Thalassaemia patients,” said Dr. Burahma.

Dr. Burahma has welcomed the approval of the Kuwait National Assembly to pass a law pertaining to mandatory pre-marital medical tests for genetic blood disorders in order to reduce the number of new birth cases born with theses diseases.

“We are very grateful to Colonel Abdulatif Hussein Al-Rashed, President of The Armed Force Officers Club and Sergeant Maher Al-Shatti for helping the Thalassemia Society facilitate this meeting,” added Dr Burahma.

Iron overload is a serious and potentially fatal condition characterized by the deposition of iron within the body.

In severe iron overload, deposition in the heart, liver, and endocrine system leads to functional impairment of these organs, and eventually, reduced life expectancy.

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