Thalassemia child patient needs help for survival!

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Bilal Khan, aged 13, a thalassemia patient, from Dir is fighting for his life for the last nine months.

It is not possible for his poor father to afford expensive medication against this dreadful disease and the embarrassed father has nothing else but consoles his innocent son that he will recover soon.

Muhammed Zahir Shah, the father of Bilal Khan, is a labourer by profession and belongs to Dir. The doctors have demanded Rs1.3 million for the treatment of his son, which is impossible for him to arrange such a hefty amount. Currently Bilal is under treatment in the Margallah Hospital Pirwadhai and his blood transfusion is in process.

The father of Bilal while taking to ‘The News’ appealed to the government to give some sort of financial help for the treatment of his son.

“Doctors are demanding a huge amount which could not be possible for me to arrange, how it is possible for a labourer to arrange such a huge amount.” “But still I am hopeful that Almighty Allah will arrange some source for the treatment of my son,” he said.

Zahir Shah has a daughter and two sons. The doctors are of the view that there are chances of bone marrow Transplantation of Bilal if the expenses are arranged.

Thalassemia Specialist Dr. Pervaiz Ahmed when contacted by ‘The News’ said, “Bone marrow transplantation involves extracting bone marrow containing normal stem cells from a healthy donor and transferring it to a recipient whose body cannot manufacture proper quantities of normal blood cells.”

“The goal of the transplant is to rebuild the recipient’s blood cells and immune system and hopefully cure the underlying ailment,” he said.

If the blood group of Bilal matched with his sister or his brother, then he might be able to go back his home and play again with his friends after bone marrow transplantation.


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